Releasing 10/14/2022

The whole world is at my feet. I love it.
The whole world is at her feet. I hate her for it.

I was raised in wealth by picture perfect parents, and have never wanted for anything. The price I’ve paid to get to where I am has been steeper than I’ll ever let anyone know. But now I’m here, and all I need to do to have the perfect life is take the final step tomorrow. Marriage to a man who worships the ground I walk on. What could go wrong?

She was raised with the wealth that was made at the expense of my family. Behind her parents’ perfect smiles are the monsters who destroyed everything I loved. She’s never wanted for anything, and I couldn’t even get the things I needed. The price my family paid for her happiness is a debt that no amount of money can atone for. And now, I’m here for payback. She thinks tomorrow will be the first step towards her happily ever after. I’ll show her just how wrong she is.