I have to go back to people I hate to help the man I love.
I have to lose the woman I love to destroy the people I hate.

I should have stayed where arms held me tight and kept me safe, but I had to return to my mother and father. At my parent’s house, lies are told from behind fake smiles and truths are spoken behind closed doors I listen carefully at. My parents have taken far too much from me and the man I love. Now I’ll use everything I can against them to make sure they pay for it all. But I know what a dangerous game I play, and the question always lingers about who will win.

I should have kept her where she was safe and loved, but I knew I had to let her go. At her parent’s house, I watch her in every way I can, terrified of everything she risks to get us anything we can use against them. Her parents have already taken so much from us. Every heartbeat taunts me with what they can snatch from me now if they discover what game their daughter’s playing.